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This Superhero blog I read often hit home and I obviously recommend reading it! I also share here the comment I posted as a way of telling friends where I’m at and because I’ve been so fond of sharing from the inside this week 🙂
(I tried to add this link so you could click it and travel there, but it didn’t work. So until I figure this out, cutting and pasting will work nearly as fast 🙂 right)
Thank you for such clarity here. A month ago I was on my knees crying and praying for how to help my overwhelmed 8 year old son. The answer was clear. Take 2 months off from everything I don’t have to do, simplify everything I feel I need to continue by asking for help doing things I know how to do but take up time I need to spend being rather than doing, and focus on setting up our new home. I let go right away and my life and my family’s shifted almost immediately. Since then I’ve discovered more I can do, or not do. Today(with help), I picked out 5 kinds of toys for my kids to play with(legos, books, play mobil, blocks & the simple building toys, and the train track) for the next 30 days. Then we’ll switch out some or all. All the others went in to boxes. Other than those 5 kinds of toys, board games are accessible. Already there’s more peace in the house.
By thinking of this process in terms of what is enough really helps. 5 kinds of toys is enough. I think I’ll start looking at other aspects of my doing through that lens. Bed time routines, morning routines, writing schedule, time learning to play guitar. I was already doing this in a way, but not being consistent since I didn’t set a “good enough” limit, but a goal to be achieved(goals are not bad, I just like this a lot better right now).
What’s been interesting about the process of following the answer I believe came from that prayer is that I am healing spiritually and emotionally in ways that have been visible but just out of reach for years.
As always, thank you for your honesty, for sharing your journey and for seeking truth in what works.
Posted by heidi at April 30, 2009 09:00 PM

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