Sandy & Alonzo Coleman

When I decided to begin a year of publicly sharing my gratitude for one person (or two people in this case) each day, you sprang to mind first, so I begin.

Thank you for giving me a light that has guided my path through the years, the difficult and confusing periods as well as stretches of peace and general happiness. Knowing there are people like you in the world and that I might one day get to be a light for someone else has, honestly, been my reason for getting up in the morning so many days. Not like I open my eyes and think, “Maybe I’ll meet someone just like my Baha’i school teachers back in the day!” and then throw off the covers. Rather it is that the enduring and very much alive memories I have of the years I spent at your outstanding school and the hours of hilarious lunch times, beautiful sing-a-longs, and recording sessions shared with both of you has been a backdrop of possibility and an experience of reality I have called on and been visited by while raising my own children, in challenging times, while telling stories in groups of friends, and when I am working with young people (adults too at times) hoping they know how much I value them as complete human beings full of beauty and enormous potential.

Thank you for giving me a lasting and priceless gift. Love.


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  1. Alonzo Coleman says:

    Thanks for your beautiful comments. Today is my 60th birthday,your comments really made my day
    Much love

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