Wave and smile, your life is happening right now

I’m feeling too out of balance to write. The boys are are getting along, but it’s not a consistent peaceful relating like we have many days. We are not unpacked and put away from our trip. We have not eaten a proper two meals around the table together…we’ve been grazing all day, I’m sitting with a mild level of anxiety as we transition into what is possible in life with a little stability, that is, a house we(God willing) are settled in for a good long time(maybe we’ll be able to say”we’ve lived here 42 years” like our neighbors,even once we also have a home and land in the nearby country…affirming may make this more possible :-), I’m hungry and procrastinating, and really this list of why I’m not in writing space could go on and on and on. BUT, I’m writing any way. Legos underfoot, boys wandering from room to room in intense plays of pretend adventures, Ericka helping out with life’s details(like putting away the mountain of clean clothes I dumped on the bed from our duffel bags, dishes, smiling at boys in a way I forget to do too often), listening to the music on another blog(the boys want Lady Bug picnic on repeat), with several new projects ready for our hands in the next few weeks. If I only manage to blog about this moment, if I don’t pass in to the hot space of creative freedom I so love to get to when writing, I have still walked up to my life and said “Hello”.

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3 Responses to Wave and smile, your life is happening right now

  1. Cindy says:

    Who’s Ericka? Nanny? Housekeeper? Sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed. I haven’t written much lately. Just one poem in the last week or so, and before that was a very long dry spell.

  2. heidi says:

    Ericka is our mothers helper. She comes over once a week to help us catch up and to play when the work is done. Happily, she’s also a friend. I got your letter and it reminded me of Chicago and cafe days (-:…not the letter, just that that was much of life when we met. It was nice to hold it in my hand! Thank you.

  3. bahia says:

    Welcome back to the world of blogging.

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