Ice Skating

Yesterday, we went ice skating with Grandma shortly after she arrived from Illinois. Matthew went around once and thought he might like to get off the ice when the door came around again, but once he was just off the ice, he turned around with a quiet determination and away we went again, Matthew with one hand on the ledge, the other in mine, slipping his way along. Then a 15 minute break for zamboni resurfacing. When we returned with food for us all, Matthew was ready to go again! This time he had an idea of how to “walk” skate, but still mostly slipped and I held him up. Then he took another break, and in David’s arms, watched mommy skate fast(upon his request), 2 times…but that was all, because now he was ready to go around again! Just as we are about to pass where David stood watching us, Matthew glides along for a long stretch and I say,”Go Matthew, you’re doing it! You’re skating!” Shortly after, he starts slipping around again and says, very matter of fact and with a touch of Matthew humor,”Actually I’m really not!” All the same, he went around another couple times, and when he was ready to be off the ice, he asked me to skate “real fast” again with a look of pride in his eyes that his mom could really zoom out there. It was a sweet way to connect with Matthew.
Devyn skated around and around by Grandma. He determined not to hold the wall and he went steadily along, picking up speed over time. But with a couple consistent challenges. He didn’t know how to stop, other than running into the wall, and falling here and there…which he did several times, reportedly discussing his increasing number of ouchies as he went, yet getting up and going on with determination. When Grandma asked him if he liked skating he said that he likes skating but, ” I don’t like falling on my shoulder. I don’t like falling on my elbow. I don’t like falling on my…” probably naming each area of impact in this way. This morning on the way to Children’s Classes he was groaning about his pains, “I feel like(pause for thought), I feel like a banana that’s all bruised up.” But he said it with a bit of a smile and some proud in his voice. I enjoyed watching him enjoy skating so much, and with such determination. We plan to make ice skating a regular family outing.

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