9 Weeks

End of July we’ll be moving back to Illinois…again. I didn’t want to leave Illinois a year ago(though now I’m sad to be leaving our dearly loved friends and family in Texas, really sad) when we moved to Texas and I’m happy to be returning. So are two boys I read bed time stories to most nights. Matthew asks about once a week if we are on the way back to Illinois. Always as we are getting in the car. Devyn is appreciating the time he has here with friends. The other day he realized with sadness that since he is getting older and changing, so are his cousins…so when they get together they won’t play the same. I’m not so sure. I believe they’ll still run around a lot, make loud noises, have exciting conversations about the current pretend adventure, eat lots of fruit, laugh easily and generally enjoy being together outside of the necessary growing pains of annoying each other and learning how to work through it. I believe they love each other, that they’ll go along as people do when they love, making memories, growing and learning from each other. I’m looking forward to this.

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  1. Billy says:

    Hi, Heidi! Yes, the cousins have spent their time growing up vigorously. They will be happy to catch up and show Devyn and Matthew all the things they’ve learned. Georgia and Maya still remind us regularly that they miss the boys and want to play together again.
    Sparks of imagination will fly! Tune in this fall …

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