To do clarified

Attend Natalie Goldberg’s writing workshop “The True Secret of Writing”, in Taos NM, alone, for the whole 5 days.
Spend a week in Los Alamos NM, visiting with Karla, with our whole 2 families…but definitely lots of one on one time with Karla.
(Ooooh! Editing this, I see how one and two can work together as a 2 week family trip which also can include catching up with friends in Santa Fe!)
Fill up a sketch book with pages of beautiful colorful fantastic designs that I draw while sitting on the couch as Devyn and Matthew play peacefully, listen to books on tape, or watch DVD’s, while Devyn or Matthew draw next to or across from from me, while David is out with the boys and I listen to music in a clean house, while I sit on the beach out by myself…
Own a small simple reliable RV and spend one year traveling the United States, getting to know the different landscapes, making new friends as we go. I want to do this with all 4 of us together.
Spend one month(our whole family), in or near Memphis, spending lots of wonderful time with our much loved friends there and in Northern Mississippi.
Spend some time EVERY DAY playing/working with Matthew with blocks, pen and paper, dancing, discussing life from his view, or any number of sweet simple activities we could enjoy together. I simply need to recognize the daily opportunities and set aside what I’m doing and be with him for a while. Somehow the sibling dynamic has intimidated me so far and kept me from realizing missed opportunities. But now I see and so must make an effort in the face of a challenge that has a solution…education, training and love.
Spend an hour or so each week writing down stories that Devyn dictates and help him organize a small book.
Arrange our schedule to wake at 6am, wake the boys by 7am, boys asleep by 8:30pm, asleep myself by9:30 or 10pm occasionally napping in the afternoon, all the time keeping up with prayer, daily journaling, house work, enjoying each other’s company, keeping up with our home school, Baha’i activities and spending time with friends.
Correspond with all of my out of town friends through letters, along with more modern ways of keeping in touch, on a regular basis.
Laugh and play more, walk some every weather permitting day.
These things are often on my mind, all can be done. It will simply take an effort.

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