Tucked in

“Mom,  when I grow up I’m going to create a potion that makes wings grow out of my back. I’ll fly and never own a stinky car.  It will be like having a super powered hover craft.  In winter, when those giant icicles hang from our roof, I’ll put on my mega-heater jacket, and there will be a slot for my wings, okay mom?  Then I’ll fly to Garrett’s house in Texas so we can play in his yard.

“When I’m not out visiting, I’m gonna wake up early every morning and exercise by flying from the front step, over our house, and onto the tree swing out back.  I’ll do that ten times every day.  That way my wings won’t get rusty.

“I’m also gonna invent a super suit made of monster-proof plastic, with rays that jump out and eat bad guys, and I’ll loan it to the president.  Do you think he’ll say “Thank you”?  I would.  Mom, can you help me make it?  My suit might save the planet from yucky people.

“Why do you think that kid was so mean at the indoor playground?  He didn’t even try to be my friend.  I make a good friend mom, don’t I?  Mom, did you like how I made my bed this morning?  Can you read me two chapters tonight?  Please?  I’ll be nice to my little brother tomorrow!”

“One chapter tonight beautiful, and yes, you do make a good friend.”

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