Dear Mom,

I almost forgot about Mother’s Day.  No surprise.  I doubt your grandchildren even know today was supposed to be about us, their maternal figures.  I started this letter at the Baha’i Center when sunlight still graced our bit of globe, shortly after you visited with us at the park.  I managed a header, then nothing.  Phone rang, children required redirection from indoor water sports, and then, when I could have added to “Dear Mom,” well, I was more inclined to check out facebook.

Later, when the boys and I were back home, a sink full of dishes called out, “NOW!”  Besides, I was keeping track of three youngsters and I wanted to be present for their laughter, especially my niece, the one who will be moving across the earth in a few weeks.  I joke that she could live with us when her parents fly away.  If anyone took me seriously I would follow through. Love is like that.

When every dish was clean, we headed out to play with family at their ready-to-show-at-a-moments-notice house.  I could feel traces of future, when blocks away become an ocean apart. Beautiful and sad hand in hand.  I learned a new move on the trampoline while enjoying junior squeals.  In one motion I can jump from my back to standing by flinging my legs, then body, in a great arch.  I also learned,”I’m popcorn,” a game where one person crosses their legs and another bounces just so in order to “pop” the corn, i.e. uncross the sitter’s legs.  Spontaneous giggles cancel the memory of pitiful whining, or any number of annoying, I mean fascinating things children do that I could appreciate if I always had perfect perspective.  Why is it possible to miss people before they go?

As dusk gave in to night, the boys and I did come by your house… to give kitty her water treatment.  Visiting beside a muted home improvement show, accompanied by the enchanting melody of Lego Star Wars was familiar, relaxing like lazy conversations with family need to be as evening winds down.

Home now, quiet, I’m finally adding words to thoughtful intentions.  Good thing I believed you this morning, when, after I realized with a start what special day was upon us you answered sincerely and with a kind smile “Yes!  I thought about that too! Then I realized you treat me like every day is Mother’s Day.  Besides, we pretty much ignore holidays.”  Yes, the proof is in the pudding.

Well mom, here it is, at 10:58pm, just under the wire.  Happy Mother’s day!  I love you.


The mother of your grandsons

P.S. I owe you a cookie, but you already knew that.

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