writing now

edge of my seat, screen precarious
on denim-covered knees
hummus, tortilla chips, grape tomatoes
unopened herb salad, organic turkey
maple yogurt, water, oj
i arrived hungry

only gotta second
not the right time
nor conducive to poetry, yet
words rumble, notions dance
beg for space
even if i speak
in jagged, plain syllables

i hear a clock tower ring
tires roll over wet pavement
car door clunk shut
a canine whine
a gift of solitude
present to perceptions
beyond an orchestra
of small children

not so small today
shrinking pants
lost teeth
wild curly hair
can i awaken them to each sound
or have they not yet ventured
past the present

in yesterday’s sun
we named upended turtles
Star Wars characters
dragons beneath boys
waving friendship flags

too soon, love and duty call me back
to a newly toothless smile
and a boy who loves an audience

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