Speaking Without Words

The boy dancing in the middle asked if we could get the drums out after virtues class.  Drumming together turned out to be the unplanned second class, virtues: creativity and unity.

For a few perfect minutes, while drumming with five children and my neighbor, we soared into that sacred space created when the drummers disappear, melt into the larger rhythm and the sound created is what we’ve all been hoping for.  This gift came after drumming together for a good half hour, playing follow the leader by turns to amateur beats, allowing the children to learn the new language beneath their palms.  No one mentioned the shift, we were all just there, completely.  This photo was taken a short while before.  Other than when I drum with my own family, I cannot think back to a time when I have experienced such musical rightnesss in a room full of young children.

Sweet blessed afternoon!
If only I could bottle that little boy’s smile!

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  1. Carol says:

    Yes. I was a magical drumming event. That was the first time I had experienced that with “musicians”. Now I know why musicians love making music together. It was very cool. THANKS HEIDI !

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