First Thing

It’s 8:16am Thursday. Normally I would get dressed by now, have the kids shakes made, checked messages, called David and brushed my hair. But I’ve decided to do it wrong today. To start with writing right after prayers, with only my shake made. I started prayers while clipping the bushy entry way to our sidewalk, instead of sitting quietly in our prayer room. I know that prayer manifests as truly in action, but to practice it during a time I normally sit still, eyes closed, to recite the Divine verses…this felt a little daring, then beautiful, then I knew it was right. I’ve tried to sit down several times and write during this long absence, but the day so far crowds around my eyes, jams up my fingers, and even if I am not being called to assist another, I am listening, or hearing while someone else tends our loved ones. So I am here. Checking in sort of. Again, it’s time to get up and prepare for the day on my feet. Happy for the chance to even write a few lines. Good morning Baha’u’llah! Thank You.

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