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Joy is more important than clean dishes. Lately this is all I have to say…and learn. At least, all I have thought to write on this blog. David and Devyn are on the floor building a city with little wood blocks. Devyn says “Do you know what?” David answers “Three.” Devyn says “Three what.” They go on their way in their way, setting up a ramp for a lego car to roll off and crash down the structure. The little lego car is not able to crash the row of towers so they start playing demolition derby. Now the towers are a floor full of blocks and they go through the conversation again…”Dad, do you know what?” “forty two.” “Forty two what?” “Just guessing.” “My Grandpa is a hundred and fifty years old!” “Does Grandpa know that?”
I enjoy David being home.

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3 Responses to Something to say

  1. nadine + dad says:

    Good one Heidi.
    We really liked your vinyette. I can see David and Devin playing destructo blocks with enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing.
    Dan Sanpet

  2. Yuling says:

    It’s fun to read/see/hear this scene. I always find that the talk with kids can boost an adult’s creativity, and this is why I like to be with kids!

  3. heidi says:

    So when will you be coming over again?! We’d love to play 🙂

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