Days End

It’s the end of the same day and I’m challenging myself to write something even if I do carry a vague feeling of the day sitting around my shoulders. It was a good day. Productive. 3 days of dishes washed, a wardrobe moved, kids properly fed, porch cleared out and straightened up, a short craft project on the porch that was a favorite at camp that Devyn would like to continue at home and a not so fruitful bit of shopping around for materials. Tomorrow, Hobby Lobby. Then we’ll make those beautiful colored “sand” scenes in a bottle. I loved those when I was a little girl. I still love them. New cell phone arrived today, all activated now. I care to remember how peaceful it’s been not having it with me these few days and so keep it home as often as I can deem reasonable, which is a lot more than I did before the last one’s charging feature died. A snack before bed and read more of Farmer Boy. A kind end to a day.
Other than this, not much am I thinking. I am trying to not think, to be instead and see what thoughts come. Find out what wonder is available and smile when the sweet memory or realization that guides me to a next step comes.
Good night Baha’u’llah. Thank You.

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