What I would have said

If I had been updating my facebook status update all week I may have written:
I cleared all the ingredients, tools and bowls from our storage closet at the bakery today. Our kitchen wall is beautifully lined with large containers of almond, millet, buckwheat and other gf flours.
We gave away a chair today.
We gave away a couch today.
We filled up several boxes of toys, kitchen items, books etc for our garage sale this weekend.
It’s hot.
For no reason I made chocolate cake. Actually I had a good reason. I wanted chocolate cake and it was really good!
Day 1 of garage sale started at 2pm. People came at 1:45pm, as soon as the signs went up. I enjoy visiting with people while they browse.
Day 2 of garage sale. I woke up at 6:30am, fixed six of the signs around the neighborhood came back and set all the goodies on our lawn again. I feel strong!
Garage sales are a meditation.
I sit in the house reading a book by the front window. I look up every little while to see if anyone’s come by. When people get out of their car I leave the comfort of my air conditioned living room and greet them.
Noon is so hot I’m in an oven. It’s still cooler than Texas hot.
We have 4 large and 4 small Corelle plates and 5 Corelle bowls. We have a few cute plastic bowls and a plate. We have a few forks, knives and spoons. Everything else is in the garage sale. Washing dishes takes 15 minutes.
We kept all baking supplies, pans and plastic food storage containers.
I tried parmesan cheese on rice and veggies. My tummy didn’t rebel.
Day 2 of parmesan experiment went well.
Day 3 I tried sharp cheddar. My tummy is still happy. Yogurt and butter experiment to follow.
The boys are parting with a lot of toys and books that didn’t make it in last years garage sale. This year they had a smaller book shelf to fill. All other books went. They didn’t fill their shelf.
We spent a lazy evening with Zivar and her girls and Amy Eades. That is how life should be. We made cheese crisps in the microwave and ate giant pickles from a giant jar. We laughed a whole lot!
We enjoyed a small belated birthday party for Devyn this afternoon and into the evening. It went 3 hours over scheduled time (not a surprise!). We played pictionary, a game David bought at a garage sale years ago that we haven’t ever played. What were we waiting for?! We performed a skit Devyn found in Highlights because it has a dog in it. I played the dog. It was a funny little play :).
I’ve learned many things I’m not writing here. One day I’ll tell you all about it, when I write a book.

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