Some of us take longer to see

Oh I get restless, trying to figure out how to travel, how to live traveling, how to have an adventure full of sunshine and smiles.
I’m summoning up will and courage along with David to do a purge on our home far more extensive than we were originally thinking.
I see it like this (just at this moment, tomorrow I’ll have to pray for perspective again). If we do have a lovely adventure elsewhere, great! If not, we can always create right here a lovely space by removing all the obstacles including every day mislabeled should haves like a shelf full of decorations, extra plates and bowls, seating in every room of the house, toys toys toys! as well as my preconceived notion that only travel or moving to a new town provides a new perspective.
So this is my work right now. Not waiting or scheming a “way out” but creating the proper place to be in right here in our home, a place not in agreement with societal norms but with fantastic beauty in all ways.

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