It’s dark at 8pm, crickets in full song.
Owning a house = someone has weeding to do.
Getting rid of unwanted stuff that is being given away involves a cluttered living room for a few days.
Some burned bits are harder to remove from the stove top than others.
I like making new friends.
Helping the boys clean their room is easier than gearing up to do it.
I want to make chocolate mints but need to finish cleaning the stove top first. Chocolate mints are proper motivation or at least effective.
It’s easy to over commit to activities that benefit other people.
I like books but I’m diggin’ the idea of having only what I get from the library and a few Baha’i books around the house.
When I finish filing the living room will grow, even though the “to file” box is under a desk.
We may only need one big desk in the house but the second one is pretty and holding a lot of stuff I’m not sure what to do with yet.
I like listening to audio books more than video games but since the boys earned the $ for their hand held game boys, I like the tinny song they make (for a while).
We have many pretty figurines that need homes. I’m not sure who would like which ones.
I like the way Bahiyyih’s kitchen smells. There’s always something yummy making or just made.
Kids rooms and chocolate mints are calling.

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