cafe mind clearing


flower companion

My lunch companion, provided by Sandra’s Restaurant

I’ve got company in this Louisiana cafe: scattered thoughts, a bit of self pity, cold chicken, hot coffee, and a bright cloth flower.

I’d like to have a poem for lunch, but nothing gives.

I linger on the thought of chocolate cake. I’m planning on making a gluten free cake in a mug at the next stop. I let desire for this decadence escape into my emotions. A need is born, American style.

My best friend has skin cancer. She’s matter of fact, as if discussing a pile of dirty dishes or meeting at the park. I only remembered again just now, at a glass table, soothed by natural light, in the hippie section of town.

The other night I told my mother about someone else with cancer, a friend from high school. My mom is quick, ready with a touch of humor. She says it’s all the rage now. She was in the infusion bay at the time, chemo dripping into her body.

I need two hands to count the number of people I know/am related to who are being treated to be rid of cancer at present.

I should stick with thoughts of chocolate cake and forced poetry.


I’m grateful:

-to be enjoying alone time while my husband hangs out with the boys

-my mom’s recent scans showed improvement, hope of recovery, and that her oncologist was sincerely pleased

-the restaurant/health food store I’m in is pretty

-to be almost done with my part of the first draft of a gluten free recipe book for basic baked goods

-to have driven through southern Oklahoma and southern Texas near the border where I was reminded that sadness can be a place, which increased appreciation for other, more beautiful places I could easily take for granted

-for time and quiet space to get these handful of thoughts written down


Beyond this exercise in mind clearing, I feel a smile beginning to bloom. Thank goodness.

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