Negative plus positive plus positive equals positive/Update from my mom

The report from my oncologist on the two scans I took Thursday was wonderful to hear. He said that despite my losing a month of treatment due to the surgery, many of the cancer spots are smaller. Not all, some didn’t change and in at least one place it is slightly larger, but overall he saw this as a very positive report. He’ll be scanning me again after I complete two more rounds of chemo.

My surgeon was happy, also, to see no new cancer in the area where he had operated, and told me to wear the collar until May 3, then take it off “progressively,” since the neck muscles will be weak, and to make an appointment to see him sometime in May.

I wanted to tell you all the good news right away but after the chemo that same day I was pretty well wiped out, and have been mostly sleeping since then. Knowing the treatment is having some results, though, makes this much more bearable.

Thanks again and again and again for your love and prayers.


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7 Responses to Negative plus positive plus positive equals positive/Update from my mom

  1. Bonnie Bruns says:

    That is AWESOME news! Thanks so much for sharing! Will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way!

    • Kim Douglas says:

      Helen, I am so happy to hear this news. I am so glad you are taking Juice Plus+ to support you through the chemo. I just heard Dr. Lovell Jones from MD ANderson Cancer center share the results of a study on ovarian cancer survivors. It was great to hear that JP supported them. I’m also glad you have the loving support of your amazing daughter, family and friends. Kim Douglas

  2. Amy Felty says:

    I’m just catching up with you again — and that is wonderful news! May the good times roll with more good news!

  3. Amy Eades says:

    Oh Happy Day!! That’s wonderful. Love & prayers, dear Helen.

  4. Lynn Laskowski says:

    Dear Helen,

    Just loving you and praying daily for more great results!!!


  5. Nancy Osterhoff says:

    Helen – you are an inspiration to all who know you! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  6. mickey says:

    Yay! Great news! Sleep well. The immune system is most active during sleep, helping to fight the cancer, so sleep on. The body’s healing powers are greatest during sleep, so sleep on gentle-warrior-woman. Beat that cancer! We’re all rooting and praying for you. Love, Mickey and Tim

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