Very specific prayer request from my mom

Here’s the story: I am a poor pill taker. For many years I couldn’t get myself to swallow any pills, then I learned to take small pills, starting with the ones for my chronic low thyroid condition. Now I need to be able to swallow several large capsules every day — supplements of various kinds that are important for helping my body kick out the cancer, including the ones advised by the naturopathic physician at the Cancer Treatment Center. I’ve been trying to manage by opening the capsules and mixing the contents in yogurt or pudding or whatever, but it’s not working very well. So I’m going to be praying to get past this psychological block and be able to easily take the larger pills, and am asking for your help with the same.

Thanks for focusing on this with me for a while.


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3 Responses to Very specific prayer request from my mom

  1. Two quotations for you, dear Helen:

    The leviathan of love swalloweth the master of reason. – The Seven Valleys, p. 10

    Shoghi Effendi . . . suddenly pointed his finger at me and said: “Swallow it, it is good for you.”
    (Ruhiyyih Khanum, The Priceless Pearl, p. 361)

    Hope this helps! 🙂 I’ll be sending smooth-swallowing thoughts your way.

  2. Lynn Laskowski says:

    Dear Helen,

    I have that problem as well…different methods work for each of us but two things help me…taking the pills later in the day rather than morning if possible and doing some visualizing of relaxing, lovely scenes such as playing with a child in a beautiful, lush meadow…you get the picture (so to speak) then popping in the pill while you are in that mode! Neither of these may work for you but perhaps they will!! I will be praying specifically for help for you in addition to other prayers!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Lynn Laskowski says:

    PS I love what Phyllis wrote…just keep picturing Shoghi Effendi telling you to swallow the pill and remember love conquers reason!!! Good job, Phyllis!!!

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