Praise and Thanksgiving – an update from my mom

I have to tell everyone what a wonderful caregiver Heidi has been, I’m prone to becoming irascible and impatient when I can’t do things my way, and she has been more than a match while still able to lovingly see to all my needs. Case in point: The doctor told me it would be OK for me to sit quietly without wearing my surgical collar long enough to get the foam inserts washed and dried. The inserts were getting pretty grungy, so a couple days ago we decided to clean them. Heidi washed and dried them as quickly as possible but it wasn’t quick enough for me. By the time they were in the dryer I was feeling very insecure about being collar-less, and hollered loudly and often to get it back. Heidi couldn’t make the dryer dry the inserts any faster despite my rantings, and why she didn’t murder me when she had the chance, I’ll never know.

Tantrums notwithstanding, when I can do something myself, Heidi steps out of the way. When I can’t, she lets me know. Heidi and the boys have been enduring my demanding presence for weeks now, and it’s been a marvelous experience for me. Hopefully it hasn’t been a bad one for them.

We are planning to move me and all my accumulated stuff back to my house this afternoon, which won’t end Heidi’s caregiving, just lessen it to times when she comes there. I can’t yet safely shower and wash my hair alone, for example, so will need to call on her for that.

I’m looking forward to being in my own home again, able to put things exactly where I need them and sleep in my own bed, but am also feeling a bit sad about leaving here. When Heidi first saw this house and was considering renting it, she said that it would be perfect for me when I needed to stay there. At the time such a need didn’t seem likely and I couldn’t share her enthusiasm. But as is often the case, she was right, and I’m grateful for that, as well.

After the move it will be easier for me to ask others for help, however, because the street in front of this house is torn up for flood control work and the only way for anyone to get here or for any of us to leave is via a long makeshift path to a block where parking is still possible. Plus as I feel stronger I might be able to do some things on my own by taking the bus. Two bus lines run right by my door. The doctor said I could drive now (while still wearing the surgical collar) but that it’s not a good idea, and I definitely would feel unsafe trying it.

There is one great advantage to living in my daughter’s household that I am really going to miss. Brownies! She loves to bake delicious healthy brownies and to experiment with new batches, slightly altering recipes to make them better and even better. I’ve been in brownie heaven. Watch for reports of brownie withdrawal symptoms!

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  1. Dottie Frye says:

    Dear Helen and Heidi: Amy and I got back from Haifa last night and I know what you mean about looking forward to sleeping in your own bed again. I have to admit that the beds in the two hotels where we stayed were very comfortable so I didn’t miss any sleep.

    Helen, I took your photo with me (my favorite one of you in a green blouse or dress, at an Ayyam-i-Ha party we had at the Center several years ago) as well as pictures of my family, and took them with me in my prayer book to the Shrines, placing them on each of the thresholds while praying for all. I hope they helped.

    Amy and I had a wonderful time and she was the best helper I could have asked for. She was kind and ever attentive to my needs. I took a cane along because I knew I would need it for all the stairs and steep sidewalks on Mt. Carmel. It was hard for me to get used to–having a cane AND a helper, but we managed and we made it safely through pilgrimage, Naw-Ruz, and the plane trips both ways.

    The new Baha’i buildings on the arc are stunning. So beautiful, clean, polished, and well designed. There were about 1000 Baha’is at the Naw-Ruz celebration on March 21 which was held at the Seat of the UHJ, beginning with tea and cake outside, and a lovely program inside. Then we all walked silently down through the gardens to the Shrine of the Bab which we circumambulated. It was quite a sight, looking back up to see all those Baha’is walking down the mountain visited by Baha’u’llah so long ago. I will never forget it.

    I am happy to know that you are making progress. Please let me know how I can help you now that I’m back!
    Much love, Dottie

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