Day 20 – Positive Journaling

Boys in the yard whittle sticks into arrows,
sun sliding down their backs, its westward march
a dusk-maker, cool-wind-shaker,
lifting unbrushed curls and auburn feathers
off the necks of children.

Mothers watch and don’t watch, talk and fall silent,
laugh and change subjects between pauses
in a single sentence, as if the interruptions of toddlers
persisted into the grownness of boys over eight
and almost twelve.

Night breeze, saving laughter in high-back deck chairs,
feet up because the porch ledge is there saying please relax,
nameless anxiety pulled up short, its tensing tentacles
retract with each involuntary giggle induced
by a peer-in-duty beside, shedding light on other matters;
favorite singers, making the story a page-turner,
daffodils in winter.

Here mothers are women who remember
again their ownness, and gradually, within each silence between friends,
spirits are lifted anew, to meet what is… that beautiful.



Day 20

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