Day 5 – Positive Journaling

Day 5 – I fell asleep easily last night, after finishing a book I’ve been reading to the boys for weeks. I woke nine hours later to a bright and beautifully clean bedroom. For several nights I’ve been waking every hour still tangled in strange and difficult dreams, then going back to sleep but not fully resting. This is reminiscent of what was happening for months before we made the major life decision to sell or rent out our house and move into an RV. Since we started purging, cleaning, for that transition (completed Sept 20th last year) and up until a few nights ago, I’ve been sleeping soundly through the night.

Presently, rested and content, I’m sitting in the sunny, screened back porch watching mother nature swing paper lanterns, wind chimes, and a thin white rope hanging from the side of the porch. Chocolate at the ready, strong coffee with a shot of stove-top-brewed espresso added, and the whistle of wind whipping through the V in a nearby tree trunk, through the surrounding mesh and onto my face, hands, neck, rustling leaves still scattered from where autumn left them to nourish the earth – these gifts are my company.

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