The best from today

A morning hug from Matthew that he requested with great enthusiasm, rice pasta and turkey tomato sauce on the stove, hot tea, an hour at the park, big spinach, tuna and almond salad for lunch, another big zucchini from our garden, writing in the moments just before dawn and going to bed in the first light of bird song, reading “Thunder and Lightning”, by Natalie Goldberg, cool evening air, praying with David, friends reaching out to me, bananas, sunshine, Matthew leaning out of the car before getting in because the air smells nice then running to give Grandpa a hug, Devyn telling me that he likes me and being determined that we need a picture of this second zucchini too, Devyn easily making friends and making up games with them at the park then running and smiling, the realistic prospect of being in theater again soon and combining it with spiritual education of children….
At the park as dusk settled in to night, little tiny rain drops fell on us one at a time, so we weren’t sure if it was really raining. When Matthew announced “Morning hug” and threw open his arms, his smile was just as open and loving. When I ate lunch, I felt peaceful and nourished. I read Thunder and Lightning as I ate and easily went to the times of writing practice over 11 years ago. When Devyn reached out to me, I reached back and we talked about life, then he did my hair in a very creative way :).
It’s 5:23am again. I see the light outside. I hear little sleep sighs down the hall. I must get back to sleep. Though there’s something so sweet about waking at 3am with energy, writing to a friend, then listening to the bird song increase with each passing moment.

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