Teresa and Matthew are asleep. We read extra books in honor of Teresa’s first sleepover. Matthew applauded this decision. She came with her own bed time readiness case and back pack, both pink :). First she was in the boy’s bed and Matthew in our bed. Then they tried to share our bed. Then a few errands, like getting more stuffed animals and Devyn’s robe and my jacket to snuggle to sleep. Then Teresa went back to their bed(I think Matthew was having a harder time getting to sleep w/o mom in the room) and soon fell asleep. I just checked on them and Matthew had turned the light on but was sound asleep. Teresa was not where I first checked, like with her head on the pillow holding her animals. She was in the bottom middle of the bed over the covers and sideways.
Before the sleeping part…While it was light out they had a short game of adventure in the front yard, we said goodbye to David with a big group hug and then they both told me they were going to hug me so hard I’d be in two pieces. They tried and I pretended to be in two, crumpling and making faces. Once inside, Teresa and Matthew played with a few toys then Matthew took his 30 minute turn on the computer. Teresa tried to be interested in this, but once he stopped playing with the kitty and started playing a strategy game she wandered back to the alphabet machine, draping herself over the couch upside down. I had forgotten how much she likes to be upside down in chairs. After Matthew finished his computer turn, they ate a snack, tried to play with playmobil then I redirected them to Lincoln logs where there were no good and bad guys, no powerfuller anyone and Matthew was not trying to finally be the big kid and be bossy(oy and fortunately this was the only time he did this, and was happy to be quickly guided to better ways). They liked the little horse stable/house we built. I liked singing our bedtime book of well known songs with repeating lines. Even the ones Teresa didn’t know she always tried to sing along and soon could stay with the repeating parts. And Matthew soon lost the desire to interrupt with silliness and started singing along too in his soft timid way 🙂 . Such a sweet way to spend a Sunday night.
Tonight reminds me of how precious these days together are. Our family is 10 years old and so new.

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  1. Billy says:

    Very sweet. Thank you for the description. On Sunday, Teresa kept trying to find ways to extend the sleepover. “I don’t want my sleepover to be ended.” She apparently had a really fabulous time. And she slept particularly hard Sunday night 🙂

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