Day Three of 30 – Purge Journal

I spent three slow hours at the library this afternoon. My son was in Pokemon league and I was a fixture in a beautiful cafe surrounded by walls of windows. I investigated educational sites for home schooling, periodically eyed my other stunningly beautiful child as he played Lego Starwars, posted on craigslist, and visited southern-style with a friend who was also waiting for her son.
I kept checking and re-checking email to see if a certain other friend wanted a stack of books I messaged her about. I was hoping she would say that yes, she wanted them and could I please drop them off today. Then I would have easily fulfilled my self-assigned task of giving away at least one item from our home. No reply before leaving the library.
I had a plan B just in case. In a small white bag I had placed a pair of kid-sized lace up sneakers, several black metal bookends, and two decorative candle platforms. After Pokemon club, we drove to Goodwill to deliver this small offering. As I walked up to the donation dock, three guys jubilantly informed me that I came just in time as they were about to close. I handed off that used gift with three minutes to spare.
After dropping a couple of very cute boys at their grandparent’s house, I went home for a quiet hour. The hoped for email had arrived. My friend does want those books I left in the truck. At least I have a clear plan for one of the remaining twenty seven days of purging!

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