Follow up to a “boring” warning

I’m on day two of 30 for getting rid of at least one of (ideally more) our possessions each day. Today I gathered up a garbage bag full of winter coats and misc clothing, drove it to Goodwill, then sold and delivered a small freezer that’s been sitting idle in our garage for over a year. Our friend came by and now owns a chair and a large potter with soil and fertilizer included.
It’s just after 9:30pm, we’re eating a juicy cantaloupe, and the boys are winding up a good day day with a loud Pokemon battle. I’ve wandered in and out of the spare room several times. I’m beginning to figure out what can go tomorrow. Clothes? Decorations we’re hoping to give to people who will really enjoy them? Will someone respond to my freecycle post and cart away more garage inhabitants?
Either way, spring is here. I’m looking forward to afternoon bike rides to the health food store, post office, or in wide circles around town. That’s my alone time, but also reconnecting, with what is real and always nearer than I’m aware of when I sit in a sheltering vehicle, like a warm breeze, faces of children who walk in finger-snapping packs, a close up squirrel chase, or any number of nearly touchable scenes.

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