i resist stillness
at dawn
prefer doing
believe coffee alone
be enough
send me
into the day
i know better
pull a blanket
over my shoulders
feet, crossed legs
breathe into
morning meditation
words i’ve heard for years
sanity saving syllables
pour from my lips until
i recapture their meaning
move beyond the confines
of solitary concern
i nestle into love
seek images of my children
husband, neighbor, sick friend
who requests prayers
focus, close my eyes, again
half ready to spring up
conquer morning
as if guiding my soul
sending supplications
to our Creator
doesn’t count… as if
i stay seated
my mind wanders
to homemade cookies
i don’t pull my thoughts in
they’re a litter of newborn kittens
wandering the confines
of their cardboard home
relieved to find mom
partake of her warm milk
knees up
i wrap my body tighter
under covers
i have a destination
an ending point preset
last word released
i float in silence
unravel one limb
at a time
emerge from
my cocoon
slower, listening

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