Oy Momma

Can you feel that first wave of tired, the point when rest would come easily, sweetly, where you’d sleep through the night, and wake wonderfully refreshed, ready to take on a new day?
Is no one else needing your attention? Does your husband have bedtime under control, smoothly transitioning tired kiddos from day clothes to pj’s, through teeth brushing and face washing, on to a couple stories and lights out?
This is the time!
Seize your chance!
Go brush your own teeth, ease quietly into bed, keep prayer and meditation simple, let your body relax, drift into pleasant dreams.
Knowing the satisfaction of accomplishment, reveling in undisturbed quiet, you take care a few no big deal chores you’d rather not leave for tomorrow; folding laundry, straightening papers on the end table, unloading the dishwasher.
During a little this and that, you realize what changes would make your gluten free chocolate cake recipe perfect and out come the mixing bowls. You’re now “blessed” with a second wind, a wave of clarity, a desire to balance the check book, write a letter to Sally in Idaho (it’s been your turn for weeks), finish a movie from last night that wasn’t so great but you’re curious to know how it ends.
Oh, this is indeed sad.
It’s shortly after midnight. Your mind is going full steam ahead. “Goody for you,” thinks your body, looking at the clock, periodically counting the number of hours you’ll sleep if you go to bed by 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:00am??!, which won’t allow for enough rest (even if you could get your mind to hush up), though you’ll be alright.
Alas, you do not rise refreshed from a good night’s sleep. In fact you’re in a haze and more than a bit wobbly.
Chocolate cake for breakfast anyone?

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