Childhood Lessons

1 – When baking, especially in a group, if you have to sneeze, turn to your sleeve. Do NOT aim for the ceiling.
2 – Don’t use big words at school. Class mates may accuse you of showing off.
3 – Glass shower doors are best opened with your hand. Feet go through glass if moving fast enough.
3a – 911 dispatch operators don’t always want to believe children who sound too young to be left alone.
4 – If you throw up on the way to the pencil sharpener, your third grade teacher will finally believe your stomach hurts.
5 – Walking a dog on icy rocks around lake Michigan at dawn in January is risky business but loads of fun.
6 – Shirley McLean knows how to put on a stunning live stage show that can transform what a young girl wants to be when she grows up.
7 – Only children don’t have to worry about a sibling trying to unscrew their foot from their leg.
8 – The best teachers make respectful eye contact when you ask for help.
9 – The anticipation of a slumber party is usually more fun than the real thing.
10 – If you earnestly believe in another person’s potential they will often believe in themselves.

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