Partial update for my mom


The results of the MRI showed a break in her upper thigh, which completely explains the pain. She had x-rays done today so the surgeon can get a better handle on her exact situation and decide if he/she feels qualified to perform the surgery needed, or if it will need to be done by a different surgeon.

Her oncologist at the CTCA recommends the surgery be done here rather than there since their hospital doesn’t have the facilities on site for what specifically needs to be done so she wouldn’t be at his hospital anyway.

So basically we have answers but a lot of details not yet figured out.

My mom is still in good spirits a lot of the time, and at others she is understandably very upset by having to accept things as they are, all the unknowns, and the extreme physical hardships.

Through this experience that started back in September, I have been learning from my mom’s example. At a time when she could easily completely fall apart (and no one would fault her for it), she has been trying to pull out the gifts, has been praying like never before, and has been reaching out for help, trusting her friends and family will answer the call. And they have, powerfully.


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4 Responses to Partial update for my mom

  1. Nancy Flood says:

    Hi Helen,

    It doesn’t surprise me at all to learn about your strength and courage during this latest challenge. You’ve always been one of the strongest and most steadfast Baha’is I’ve known. You’re in my prayers daily.

    I’m so glad Heidi is there for you.

    Bless you both1

  2. Jan Moslehi says:

    Sorry to hear about your break. Hope you get a better break soon. Strangely enough I just completed a round of radiation on my upper femur ostensibly to prevent such an occurrence. The “spot” showed on a CT and it was decided to try to stop the growth – or slow it- so it would not break and/or so I would not need a pin or rod. As insertion of pin or rod requires surgery – as you know – the decision was radiation. Add my prayers to the list of all those who pray for your best outcome. Love, Jan Moslehi

  3. joy says:

    Dear Heidi and Helen,

    You are both in my prayers. Helen, I’m putting you and your whole family on the prayer list at the House of Worship.

    Joy Cox [was White]

  4. Marge Wilson says:

    Hi Helen,
    Keep on truckin’! It’s a long road, but remember the rainbows along your way.
    You and your family are always in my prayers.

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