Hanging out at the hospital

Hi Friends,

Monday night my mom was admitted to the hospital for severe leg pain, chest congestion and fever. Since the moment she arrived at the emergency room friends and family have been with her except when she has requested to be alone in order to sleep.

Yesterday she was feeling a bit better, and today better still. Her temperature returned to normal a few hours after getting to the hospital and the chest x-ray was beautifully uninteresting. This morning her leg was in far less pain, though it still hurts. We’re waiting to hear the results of an MRI from yesterday to know more about what may be going on there.

Matthew and I have been at the hospital since around 8:30am. Fortunately both my mom and Matthew enjoy PBS Kids, at least most of the shows, and they seem to dislike the same ones. Other friends and family have been in and out and there has been much laughter, a good portion of it provided courtesy of my mom’s wit.

Presently we’re watching a gardening show, mom sleeps, and Matthew and I are diddling around on computers. I plan to update as we know more.


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4 Responses to Hanging out at the hospital

  1. Debora says:

    Hello Helen,

    So sorry that you had a scary moment, and so happy that things are turning around, and that you’re feeling better. It sounds as if you have lots of good company!

    Love and prayers,


  2. Nancy Flood says:

    You’re are in my prayers continually, dear friend. Wish I had time to visit with you–or even e-mail more often! I’m spending more and more time with my mother (aged 96) but that’s as it should be.

    Just know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers and I love you!

    Allah- u-Abha,

  3. Jan Moslehi says:

    Thanks for the update. Heidi, you have been very good at this update thing. Praying that the MRI update has an uninteresting (good) result. Hey, Helen, let those folks wait on you and treat you like a queen. Then, again, I hope they kick you out of the hospital soon. LUV Jan Moslehi

  4. mickey says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it. God must really love you! We were out of town, supposedly on vacation. Not a good idea! but as soon as we got home, I got on e-mail and learned of your predicament, and started praying. Hope you’re out of pain and on the mend soon! Love, Mick

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