Though I didn’t want to think it, I did. I thought I needed a perfect space to write, a clean house, quiet room, clear beginning mind, desire to write at that moment. Well, not write, but write well. Until now, I was unaware that a poem could be created in the same room as Matthew flying through with red cape and sunglasses as Superman, Devyn reading Superman trying to read the funnier bits to me, laundry in a clean heap on the couch, dirty dishes in view and a couple empty bowls painted red from frozen fruit the boys made fast work of at the table beside me. I still ask the boys to wait on requests that aren’t time sensitive, but pausing to do that doesn’t throw me off track.
Including today’s entry, I have 5 pieces left to write of the 30. Swiss Family Robinson (book on tape) is on in the kitchen (for the umpteenth retelling in a week), Matthew is playing on a Gameboy that sings a tink tink song for jumping graphics, dishes are in the sink and I don’t feel particularly like writing…but I’m going to anyway…right after I get the kids to bed, the house in order and make a bit of chocolate frosting (Just because I know I can write in the fray now doesn’t make it necessary every time :).
It’s the next afternoon. I didn’t return to writing as I’d intended. But I just reread what I wrote last night. Almost a piece of writing? Okay, not, but it may have to qualify. Maybe if I write a quick poem…
Little man little man what do you say?
Let’s explore the universe today!
Little man little man what do you do?
Make up a world for me and you.
Little man little man I love your smile
your little kisses and huggable style
(Written at the table with my sweet little men while they decide if Devyn’s going to read Super man aloud to Matthew while they eat their noodles and tomato sauce)

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2 Responses to Enough

  1. Yuling says:

    I like to study how writers become a writer and their writing habits. I am excited to find out they share some common attitudes and practices. One of them is that no matter what topic you want to write, you need time for writing as well as for research. So maybe you can consider that the moments with your little men could be the research time, if you want to write about life. And the few quiet hours in the early morning or late night are for writing.
    Oh, one more thing, many of them write in their dining tables. Dining table is my favorite corner too!

  2. heidi says:

    The dining room table is such an alive spot in the house. Maybe all it’s energy helps writing :).
    For a few years after Devyn started walking/running, I didn’t write much at all until Matthew was 2, then only a little more. Not until Matthew was 5 did I really think I could get anything down. I would tell others and myself that I was gathering material by focusing on my life as it is rather than writing. I believe that waiting time has made writing easier, better :).

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