Change in treatment plan/update from my mom

When I met with my oncologist in Zion on Friday, he decided to change my treatment plan by replacing one of my chemo medications with another that he says is more effective. He said that his reasons are the way I’m handling side effects of treatment and the signs of improvement in my recent scans. This also will change my schedule, I’ll be going for treatment every two weeks, currently that puts me there every other Friday. Also he will wait until I’ve been on this new program for probably three sessions before he orders new scans.

Overall he says that I’m doing very well with handling side effects, that he can see it better than I do because he has many patients with similar situations for comparison.

Meanwhile I’m mostly not wearing the surgical collar, and will be seeing the surgeon this coming week for a follow-up exam.

OK, enough about me already! I want to hear more about what’s happening with all of you. I can’t figure out how to respond to your Care Pages posts, so please write to me at my email address

Love and prayers,

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