Call from the surgeon/update from my mom

Friday at CTCA I had several neck x-rays so the surgeon could decide whether it’s OK for me to stop wearing the surgical collar. Today he called and said the x-rays looked excellent, but because my bone is soft due to the cancer, he wants me to continue wearing the collar until I have scans to find out what the cancer is doing inside me — whether it’s growing or diminishing, and where, etc.

So … I called my care manager to report this news and also that Dr. Alzate said it would be OK for me to take off the collar for the scans. That’s the important part, because they can’t do the scans with the collar on.

Therefore, it looks like I can go ahead with my currently scheduled return visit to CTCA: on April 19, I’ll have a CT scan and a nuclear medicine scan (full body, if it’s the same one I had in January), and based on the results Dr. Alzate will tell me whether I can discontinue wearing the collar.

The collar is my buddy, right? Right! Gotta think positive about this. We might be together for a very long time.

That’s probably all the news I’ll have to report until after the scans. Meanwhile, I actually feel pretty good, have a lot of energy, and I’m starting to know how to better manage the pain in my back and legs, which allows me to function fairly well.

Love and prayers,

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3 Responses to Call from the surgeon/update from my mom

  1. I love you Helen. Prayers continuing.

  2. Lynn Laskowski says:

    W ishing you the very best, Helen! Glad to hear of the return of your energy that is terrific!!! You and your collar have come along way together…you will have to dispose of it properly when the time comes(smile)

    Love you,

  3. Susan says:

    A buddy helps you get thru difficult days.
    Great reframe.

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