Day 18 – Positive Journaling

    Moon light, night air, alone on the back porch. Near silence, nothing on my mind. Coffee, fresh baked cookies, soft couch, warm blanket. A poem, easily written, carried me deep into the joy of this moment of gentle aloneness. Though I posted the poem last night, as it describes truly the positive moment I chose to journal about, I decided to be a bit of lazy and accept it as today’s entry.Day 18


    generous solitude

    My music is life’s distant din, out here alone after dusk;
    traffic two streets east, a neighbor’s screen door slamming loose,
    the evening nothing settling warm and cool
    like lace on my bare arm, in March. I made coffee,

    strong after dark, daring, going to sip slow,
    leave a cool half cup unfinished by the end
    of this chapter called ease, while boys play quiet,
    the dishwasher hums, clothes rock clean in another era;
    matters beyond the porch door, inside, where I am not.

    That place is no breeze, no lantern light,
    no pressing-in-night of a singsong, soft-lullaby, sun-struck day.
    No, I am not in there, breathing shallow. I am hiding outside
    in my sharing place, generously giving the woman I am

    a whispering-while, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies,
    legs under the softest blanket I’ve ever owned,
    feet tucked up, knees bent to one side, and a special waiting,
    as if this moment beneath the stars stretches into forever.

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