Day 2 – Positive Journaling

Day 2 – Yesterday, at a multi-family game night, the boys and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. I sat with a group of fellow home school parents and watched them play MTG. Between turns, we talked about whatever funny, random, in-common topic came up, and we laughed a great deal. My kids spent most of the gathering on the Wii downstairs. As we don’t own one, this is a major treat. In this group are about half a dozed little girls and one three-year-old boy with long blond hair, each a different age and height. They spent the evening going back and forth through the basement door, on a different mission each time.

I haven’t the slightest understanding of MTG, Yugio, Pokemon (the card game), or any gaming game, but I like being in the same room as folks who do play. Across from me was another onlooker and she and I enjoyed our posts as table ends.

At the grocery store on the way home, the kids and I talked and laughed. I’m sure this was a result of having just been renewed by being with friends.


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