new again

Autumn beneath my feet, I am alive
aware, just like before, before the children
when I could walk each step measured
planned, keeping time to the beat of a single drum
(years of off-beats stretch between now and then)
At morning’s first light I heard the boys’ sweet-voice sighs, their awe
their gratitude to finally see fire in the sky
lifting up, casting off an endless black
raising a sea of clouds
“Look now, mom! Is that the sun? Is it morning yet!?”
I took a picture of new day rising at my small son’s back
Red billows, orange lightning, fading streaks of blue night
cannot be distinguished, but the glow… it is enough
Not accustomed to morning’s chill, they are snugly back indoors
watching from the window, their mom, bowed
seeking guidance from the Creator of every dawn

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