The work of being human


Uncertainty in the details, uncertainty in the future
becoming comfortable with the not knowing
that is my work.
I have never known, but the illusion has vanished
The present demands my attention
if I am to be happy, content, creative
Do not look ahead for your well being, says life
only look behind as a reference
Gather up the known, the vague
all your hopes, fears, past grievances
Spread them out before you
then, with one sweep of your outstretched arm
shove them into a box
a place to sort through at the end of the day
when the house is quiet
What is left – the air, the needy children
their laughter, ideas, arguments
their soft, tiny kisses and spontaneous hugs
the beautiful man who sleeps beside you
and delights in helping you reach your dreams
a single line from Graceland
repeated over and over in your thoughts
the dinner you are preparing for your family
That is your life. Wrap your arms around it and love intensely
uncertainty woven into every moment 

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