I have been silenced by transition
I go mute, for if you see me
my world will crumble (I have seen it happen)

You will know I am made of paper
I’ll speak later, at the other side of time
from I have it all together, am not unraveling
redefining, sinking beneath the weight of exercised patience

I will find a voice then
You will know what even I can not unearth today
My sorrow at finally leaving everything I have clung to (what was I waiting for?)

I will whistle liberation even as I do now
the melody mixing with tears that tickle my eyes then retreat
I am propped up by hope
nearly limp on its strong frame

I am waiting





This sounds more serious than I intended. I have not been able to write lately, mostly from being too tired at the end of the day. When I have had a few minutes, my brain would not cooperate. Finally, tonight, I have time and energy. Not enough to be clear, but as I began to realize that not writing was a contributing factor in being tired, I knew I had to say anything. Here are my somewhat poetic thoughts about purging our possessions and moving into a life of full-time travel. This journey has been a really emotional process.

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One Response to Silenced

  1. Amy Felty says:

    Hi, Heidi,
    I didn’t know you were writing again. Things have gotten … I mean, time has gotten all mixed up these last two weeks. Something is in the air, it feels like. Your writing points to that, too, and makes me more restless – almost apprehensive. Today’s temperature in the 70s seems perfect, though. Is that a mirage? A palliative? Is a big change just over the crest of the day?

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