Parvin and other souls still living among us

What do the old ladies do at 3 in the afternoon when they can not see to sew or read or drive, when they can not stand to watch another minute of tv, when they remember a young friend, call her name and decide not to call her, not to be a burden.
What do we do for the old ladies who tell us years of life, who love our children like family because our children love them first, who feed us bean soup, crackers and cut up a banana for little boys.
Do we feel life in their photos, catch the adventure in their recreating lost years, or do we nod politely and miss the gift. Sometimes we should cry, because the richness holds our heart.
When we leave their living room in early evening for our books, errands, quiet family time at home, do we hug the old ladies, tell them, “I love you.”

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