weird and lovely night dreams-just feel like sharing

Night before last, I met a kitten when her tiger-striped, orange face popped out of the toilet. I was not at all disconcerted by her comfort in water or her fascinating location. She jumped out, dry and fluffy.

In a blink, we were playing in a sun-washed field of knee-high prairie grasses. My nieces were there, running and laughing with my boys. Of course I picked up the nearest garden hose, willed water to flow, placed a finger over the spout and proceeded to flick my wrist just so, causing a rainbow-creating spray to rise and fall beautifully. This deliberate shower also made bubbles of all sizes appear and fill the air, each floating on an unpredictable course, mostly upward.

First kitten jumped for one bubble, then another, and another, gaining buoyancy and distance from the ground with each spring. Soon she was well over our heads, twirling in the air, hugging bubbles, *pop* then landing in the grass just long enough to leap again.

Soon my nieces and sons were as airborne as the cat, delighted like I have never seen. On one side, each bubble perfectly reflected the sun.

Keeping the just-right wrist-flicking flow of water going became my only goal. I had to keep this magical moment alive as long as possible.

Last night, I found a baby. I didn’t think he was mine for two days, then I realized he had come from me. Once his origin was determined, he proceeded to nurse like my other two, as if he’d found home and there had been no separation. Then he looked right into my eyes and communicated through clear-as-day thoughts. *Love* He was an old soul. While he and I were out and about, anyone who met this baby was amazed. He communicated to everyone the same wordless way, and he was very kind.

I interpret that I’m sensing nearly indescribable beauty as well as rare opportunities for learning just around the bend. I can’t account for the toilet, unless one knows how well I have not acclimated to societal norms… ever.


I’m enjoying this sweet-dream phase. I hope it lasts a while.

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