An incomplete but incredibly helpful list!

ALL I WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW IS COMPLAIN…so I will now share every good thing that comes to my mind of our lives today.
I enjoyed time with Devyn this morning before Matthew woke up. We prayed and read the rest of a story we started yesterday.
We went to Curtis Orchard this afternoon with my dad and our friend Michael. We fed the goats, ate lunch outside and picked apples. The goats have soft tongues and lick up the morsels from our palms. Matthew was nervous at first, then delighted at how funny it is to have a goat eat from his hand.
I made maple syrup sweetened chocolate cup cakes this morning. I’ve eaten 3 🙂
A neighbor helped me learn how to roll up our new pop up and it seemed simple enough that I can see doing it myself easily. I enjoy having a camper in the driveway even though we have to clean and mend it for use.
Matthew and I enjoyed 3 hours alone tonight. We played computer games, ate dinner in the living room, sat quietly side by side at our own tasks and talked about life. He drew people, I spaced out on word games. Matthew made a mayo and mustard sandwich and shared it with me. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted and I told him so. He was happy to hear it.
Played a little game of frisbee with Matthew and his neighbor friend after a brief chat with other neighbors. That’s 3 neighborly interactions in one evening.
Started planning our first camper outing. Now we have a goal for getting it ready. Even found what seems to be a suitable camp site with electric and water for $20 a night.
I just looked at the drums and thought about playing them. This is better than just seeing that they don’t have a logical place in the living room right now.
Took an action step yesterday for the business we are starting soon.
Dinner was yummy. Cauliflower and broccoli, goat feta, and turkey left over style.
I got a new high score in word drop on facebook(definitely addicted to word games).
I drank a half a cup of decaf(other half used for cake) this morning and it reminded me of happy memories. Late summer, early fall scents were in the kitchen too. Between the two, I was transported for a moment. Then I was grateful for my life as it is.
Ericka helped clean the house and put away clothes this morning. There were several loads piled on a living room chair.
I took another step towards airing our our house which had become way too dusty. I pulled 3 fans from the garage and set them up around in good places.
I smelled cook outs in the afternoon and felt happy. I went to a lot of lovely cook outs as a kid, especially with CPC gymnastics camp.
Devyn has been reading reading reading! Tonight before bed he was engrossed in a book and did not want the lights off.
Someone complimented my kids today. Said they were cool kids and “dare I say, obedient.” He knew I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.
The sun shined all day. The temperature was perfect and there was a pleasant breeze.
Aaaah, much better.

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  1. Janie says:

    Hi Heidi. Check this out – it’s all about dust:
    At the end of the entry, click on the link for the poem “dust if you must.” Pretty good philosophy there.
    There’s a lot of dust out in the country because it’s pollen season. We have to keep the windows shut, otherwise it’s just ridiculous how much gets in the house. Now if I could just figure out how to keep crickets out of the house…

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