a few of my favorite things

In no particular order:

– reading a beautiful poem that becomes a shimmering presence in the room

– Matthew’s toothless smile that he is so proud of

– conversing with one of my boys when both of us are relaxed, listening, and interested in figuring out what we can learn from one another

– meditating, especially getting lost and then found in a different dimension, specifically the realm of clarity, serenity and acceptance

– waking from a happy dream at 5am perfectly refreshed. Sitting down to write in that quiet space, to find a river of words flowing freely, expressing exactly what I intended

– that point in a drum circle when the drummers fade into the background and their collective rhythm grows wings

– a relaxed, purring cat, especially one inclined to be shy and skittery

– cafe mocha on a cool spring morning

– bike rides around tree lined neighborhoods

– making a new friend who soon becomes part of the family

– seeing Devyn reach for his dad’s hand just because

– a clean and orderly house, including having filing caught up

– a recipe turning out just right on the umpteenth try

– homemade pizza shared with family and friends

– harmonizing with my children

– sitting under the dome at the Baha’i Temple after dark, when the lights have been turned off, just before closing time

– a child laughing from sheer delight

– listening to my dad sing Silent Night

– almost every conversation with my husband

– being the voice of a stuffed animal who is conversing with my children

– a good book that carries me to a place of contented detachment from whatever I’m trying to not obsess about

– finally developing a skill or overcoming a difficulty when painfully hard work is involved in getting there

– laughing so hard, I cry

– guiding at the Baha’i Temple

– when all four members of my family are in on the same spontaneous joke and we set aside all other matters while we carry on giggling like crazy, each trying to keep the laughter alive as long as possible

– indoor climate control

– watching interpreters sign beside a speaker or singer

– unconditional love


What are a few of your favorite things?



Photo of Baha’i Temple found here

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