A Gift For Matthew

Matthew danced all over our yard when dandelions and violets finally emerged after a long cold winter.  He gathered a handful of yellow flowers, placed them in a mini mug, added water and set them on our dining room table.  When they began to close and apparently die the following day, I didn’t throw them out back.  Soon we had a cup of fluff in our kitchen.  I knew Matthew would enjoy this turn of nature, so left them there a while.

When Devyn swung sticks across the ground, Matthew asked him to steer clear of the pretty purple flowers.  Devyn cooperated. For countless days, Matthew exulted in a sea of bright, colorful beauty, stooping often to pick and pet nearby petals.

Eventually I had to mow our overgrown yard.  Matthew understood and accepted life as it is.  By being seven and present, Matthew had already thoroughly enjoyed his splendid yard.  Lawn mowers are a part of life, so he acquiesced.  This photograph, shared by Marcie Scudder Photography in a daily email, perfectly captures Matthew’s beloveds. Last night, when I showed him this photo, his eyes twinkled above a wide smile.  I wish I could remember his exact words.  Suffice it to say he remembered how much he had enjoyed playing among these spring blooms.  Common to us, magic to him.  Who’s perspective is more accurate?  I think so too.

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