Gentle Entry

I wrote myself a note this morning to write a gentle blog entry today. I have a vague idea of what that could be. This week my parenting work has been to say less to correct and a lot more to describe when I see an effort, good behavior, even a trace of virtue. Since Devyn and Matthew are generally “good kids”, this is really a matter of me breaking a habit of over correcting from a time when I was lost as far as parenting a distressed and active child. That child has grown a lot. Now when I tell people with way active aggressive little ones that I understand, along with what worked for us, they are often in disbelief. There’s SO MUCH good to notice, to honor outloud. I’ll let this be a gentle reminder to myself….love lovingly, through encouragement, in a way I would like to be trained and educated.

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2 Responses to Gentle Entry

  1. Billy says:

    Thank you, Heidi!

  2. Amy Felty says:

    Great! Keep us up on what you find/do. We have many very active children at school.

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