Boots, Fools, Cookes and Dogs Are On My Mind

I’m sitting in a cafe, owned by the bakery that produces our gluten free recipes.
Fringy suede boots on for fun, fresh decaf latte and six beautiful almond chocolate chip cookies (I can eat) are inches from my right hand. I’m closer to forty now than I was Friday at 1:55am. I was that close to being an April Fool’s baby.
I’ve heard that the new year used to turn over on April 1st. Then one day, centuries ago, the new year date was moved to January 1st, in the dead of winter. Anyone who held onto the old April date was considered a fool, hence, April Fool’s day. I gained this was hearsay at Hometown Buffet over mashed potatoes and corn.
Sounds like a good explanation to me, believable too, as it involves creating a group to make fun of. Oh Lord, may we evolve!
No poetry fairies tickling my peripheral vision, no deep thoughts to untangle. We’ve recently returned from a two week trip to Texas. I’m still on a vacation high. Kindred spirits can be reached and communicated with through prayer and facebook, but I prefer real arms for warm embraces.
We made friends with four dogs on our travels. Now we’re tempted to adopt a canine companion of our own. No sooner do I allow serious contemplation of such an acquisition than visions of large, expensive bags of dog food play before my inner eye, then clear plastic baggies full of warm presents. I’m not sold on the idea… yet.
That was close! For a second, I thought I’d lost all these ramblings. Phew, still there and ready to go out into the big www.
I’m done mentally meandering in print, for a while anyway.

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