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1-I’ve held over 50 jobs. I haven’t sat and written out a list to know for sure, but only 5 W-2(end of year right?) forms was a slow year.
2-I’m really shy but have recently, in the last 9 years, forced myself to visit even when I felt nervous and quiet. Because I really love to make friends, and keep them.
3-I’ve walked up and down 23 flights of stairs to avoid an elevator, and many others, not so high.
4-I know about as much geography as my children, maybe less than Devyn.
5-I dropped out of highschool and college but haven’t given up on going back to college to become an English teacher.
6-I co-hosted a successful weekly original writer’s open-mic in Evanston Il and gained a lot of confidence as a writer,performer and encourager of other artists.
7-Before I realized that I’m truly allergic to white sugar, I used to eat 3 or more candy bars a day, plus whatever else that had lots of sugar…juice drinks, syrup on pancakes, gum…
I haven’t kept track of whose been tagged, but Bahiyyih tagging those without blogs was cool. I tag Amy Eades, Bob and Karen Quinlan, Aubrey and Shirley Tewes and Tamon and Nora Green. Now I’ll need to inform these folks that I have a blog(however neglected) and that they’ve been tagged and what the heck that means. If you all don’t have a blog, write in the comments.

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  1. Bob Quinlan says:

    Heidi I guess I will write seven things about myself. Does anyone see this besides you?
    1. I was born to be raised by more than a traditional mom and dad. Many people had quality times with me and my three siblings.
    2. We shared our home with with atleast two other people most of my youth. One was a RR crane operator and one an ex rr’s wife, who happened to work for Sears when it was downtown. I liked their attention and kindness.
    3. Holy Cross gave me “some” discipline and morals. I floated by in a haze of mediocrity .
    4. High school was all about prooving I was someone; defensive football gave me my identity.
    5. Vietnam consumed my college years which yield a two year degree; after a couple of years in and out of Eastern Ilinois U.while working construction on neat projects like the school of U of I’s vet medicine’s small and large animal clinics, as well as less glamorus but high paying labors.
    6. The Bahai Faith gave me a space of comfort followed by a urge to not be too comfortable in our obscurity, which we were evacuating at the time of the 70’s. I traveled to a remote end of Little Abaco, in the Bahamas for fifteen days or so on a teaching trip.
    7. Marriage and family followed after one years time in my new life career, firefighting. It was totally new home and I learned what I learned on the job, and then forgot way to much. I am surrounded by people carrying me through the morass of life. It is great that Karen L and me have been married together for 28 years and have four interesting and charming girls to share our dreams with. I appreciate this medium to say you are much more than medium in your ability to pull people away from mediocrity.
    As Ever,

  2. heidi says:

    Bob, That was really fun to read. I do plan to share with others in blogland that there are some special guests on on the comments here. I love how being a Baha’i is a constant reminder that being “comfortable” is not part of the program!

  3. Karen says:

    Here are seven dreams:
    1. As a child I created a mean witch in my mind because of a comment I internalized. She terrorized me for six years, and I dreamt of her often.
    2. In my youth, I had a dream that I was climbing a mountain and many people were shouting from different places, “here is Jesus, here is Jesus!” I became confused and hid my eyes, when I looked again, I was studying intently, and then I was at the top of the mountain, which was surrounded by a dark cloud and my job was to go out and bring corpses to the mountaintop.
    3.In my youth while trying to understand what the Bible could mean by the “return” I had this experience: I was in bed and drifting to sleep when I opened my eyes and saw a ball of bright light descending on me. I closed my eyes as It took power of my body and mind, and in a clear voice I heard in my head, “Trust Jesus Christ”. After that I slowly regained use of my body as the experience subsided, it seemed as though my whole body was shining with that light.
    4.I had a dream that I was attending a meeting at which Abdu’L-Baha was speaking. I was sitting in the audience and His eyes singled me out with the piercing intensity accounts of Him have suggested.
    5. On the eve of Abdu’L-Baha’s ascencion, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was flying with Abdu’L-Baha and we came to a huge tent where thousands of people were gathered to honor His memory.
    6. When my sister died, I asked for a sign that she was all right. That night I had a dream that a baby was being born, I went into the room and the baby was my sister. At that moment she was able to pull herself up and stand in her crib. I took this as the sign I had asked for, and was reassured that she was doing all right.
    7. Before I married Bob, I dreamed that I married Humphrey Bogart.
    Hope you enjoyed hearing about 7 of my dreams.

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