Half Nonsense (but only half)

what are you gonna do with all this quiet
hold it at arms length with your face turned away, singing, “nanny nanny boo boo, you can’t catch me”
tap it out in free verse
carry it in your pocket for another day only to find quiet melts like chocolate
hang it around your neck as an invisible talisman reminding you to, “one of these days,” sit still and hush up
give quiet (in an empty box) to the next person you see and hope they run far far away
get out a shovel and bury it in the yard next to a tangle of last years pumpkin vines, hoping more quiet will be ready for you to enjoy come spring
preserve it as if quiet hangs around like a fruit instead of a gift that must be enjoyed or lost
are you going to be quiet or tip toe back to doing, just in case

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