Children part 2

wrapped in our universe
between musical notes
gliding along time
a dance for tea
invisible swords
heroes illusion
pirate evolves
surprise attack
whistle out, whistle in
wide eyed rapture
wanders tip toeing
seeing beyond hours
curled on mother’s lap
melody in whispers
gold fish kisses
pink giggling
shattered heap
wet linoleum
beneath small face
teddy stayed behind
hours are days
weeks made backward
sunset sneaks up
bed time too
Writing the first one I mostly watched memories of the girls who circled close, loving Ms Heidi, the after school coordinator who didn’t have children of her own yet. I watched my children for ideas, but I didn’t write about them. Just before I fell asleep, I knew I wanted to write a part 2, holding only my own boys in that space of quiet meditation between words written. Both poems are important.

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