Seeking Love Letters

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am
your sunshine
I am
your trigger
I need
your acceptance
I hide from
your backhand
flat hand
Abused child
Dear A Kind/Strong Adult,
Can you
help me
see me
free me
my contradictions
destructive shame
survival game
Look closer
at my life
Take a chance
try to help me see
extend your hand
believe in me
Hurting Youth
Dear God,
If they love too strong
are they sick too
do they feel
like me
When I was small
I knew
how a grown up
should be
I’ve lost my footing
I can not live
this way
I must breathe
hold my hand
renew my sight
guide my steps
Adult Child
I’ve been reading many posts about all the ills we are facing as a society, especially at the hands of random everyday people who have no wide spread power but who make life difficult for those around them. They might be bullies, muggers, abusers or just plain difficult because they mainly complain about other people, their life as a whole or try to fix parts of your life you’re perfectly content with.
When I met my beautiful, innocent, helpless first born in the hospital one bright summer morning, I realized all people, no matter how wonderful or awful, were, at one time, blameless children and have a life story.

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One Response to Seeking Love Letters

  1. jennifer wood says:

    I like it, It’s sad and frustrating in a way. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been going through so much lately and I’ve been seeking understanding about what’s going on here in our part of the universe. The theme that keeps coming back to me so strong, is, and as how you referenced going back to your small innocent child,it always leaves the same clue, being we are all One. What does we are all one really truly mean? It feels like a riddle, I’ve said it all my life but feel as though I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of this thing “we are all one.” We are all one spirit expressing life as we know it and understand it, the good the bad the beautiful and the ugly? Maybe looking back to the innocent child makes it easier for us to understand this phenomenon or brings us a little closer to solving the riddle. Lots of stuff swirling around in the heart and head of mine lately, wondering if it will ever come together,

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